We are Raven

We’re on a mission to help companies protect their cloud native applications by focusing on runtime.

Backed by top Silicon Valley investors, the Raven team includes serial entrepreneurs and cyber security veterans from Symantec (Broadcom) and elite IDF intelligence units.

How We Came Up With Raven

We actually started out as a Performance Optimization company.
As such, we developed a revolutionary technology that could see inside any application at runtime without impacting performance.

Wait - what? So why Cyber?
Our three co-founders, Roi, Guy and Omer are actually cyber security experts with over 30 years of experience in the field. When the XZ library fiasco happened, we had an “A-HA” moment and realized that there is a significant gap in the cloud application security space. No cloud security solution has successfully achieved visibility into application behavior at runtime without instrumentation and without a significant performance penalty.

With the rise in application layer attacks, with most vulnerabilities hiding within the application layer, with the lack of a suitable solution for cloud native applications, we knew we had an obligation to secure cloud native applications.

Our Team

Roi Abitboul
Guy Franco
Omer Yair
Chief Research
Lori Brigg