Runtime Application Protection

Automated application CVE triage with True Risk and reachability, apply runtime virtual patching on vulnerable libraries and protect your cloud applications at runtime even in the absence of a CVE.
Vulnerability Management
Quick and Easy CVE Triage
Virtual Patching
Eliminate Exposure Window
CVE and CVE-Less
Detection CVE and CVE-Less
Early Detection
CVE and CVE-Less
Response CVE and CVE-Less
Stop Attack
Raven Sees and Protects What Others Can’t

Traditional runtime solutions (CNAPP, CWPP, EDR, WAF) cannot offer application vulnerability management nor detect application attacks in real time, as they have no visibility or control at the application layer.

Shift-left solutions (SCA, ASPM) are not able to prove True Risk and reachability of CVEs as they do not see the application's behavior at runtime or the context of the cloud infrastructure.

Raven bridges this gap with a comprehensive approach that monitors and controls applications at runtime.
See Application  Behavior at Runtime
See Infra & OS  Behavior at Runtime
Control Code & Library Behaviors
Everywhere In Your Cloud. Any Cloud.
Whether your applications reside in Kubernetes clusters, containers, or compute instances, Raven extends across all corners of your cloud environment.
Supports All Major Programming Languages
Easy To Start - Easy to Deploy
5 minutes setup with our cloud-based or on-prem solutions.
No intrusive instrumentation. Instant results.
Minimal Overhead
Production ready. Engineered to run continuously with minimal CPU utilization, while maintaining optimal performance in production environments.



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