We are Raven

We’re on a mission to help companies effortlessly achieve maximum application performance and minimum cloud costs by harnessing AI.

Backed by top Silicon Valley investors, the Raven team includes serial entrepreneurs and OS internal veterans from Symantec and Broadcom.

Our story

In today’s world, users have high expectations regarding application performance because they constantly interact with apps developed by market leaders like Apple, Google, Netflix, Amazon. Successful companies must live up to market-leading performance standards all the while maintaining cost efficiency to satisfy investors. However, even this is not enough, in order to be truly successful, attract customers, employees and investors, companies must also demonstrate sustainable operations.
With over 30 years of experience in performance optimization, our three co-founders, Roi, Guy and Omer, knew that applications that run faster, consume less compute resources, which leads to lower cloud costs as well as lower cloud carbon footprint. What ensued was an idea for an AI-powered platform that captured code, OS, and hardware interactions and analyzed them (at scale) to detect and resolve bottlenecks thus significantly increasing application performance, cutting cloud costs and reducing cloud carbon footprint, all in one fell swoop.
Roi Abitboul
Guy Franco
Omer Yair
Chief Research
Lori Brigg